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QMB, Version History

v2.0.16.0 (24 January 2022)

  • Improvement: Libraries for working with the license activation server have been updated to support SSL connection.

v2.0.15.0 (21 February 2018)

  • Feature: QMB Client can now be installed separately from the QMB Service. Added the ability to install and run multiple instances of QMB clients that are connected to the same QMB service, for example, on different computers.
  • A notification agent has been developed. The agent is a small client program that helps to track events that require user intervention. When maintenance errors occur, or the disk space threshold is reached, or new versions are released, the program displays pop-up notifications to the user. The agent is installed as part of the QMB client.
  • Improvement: On the Maintenance Policy page, an "i" button appears, displaying basic information about its settings.
  • Improvement: Implemented the ability to connect to an SMTP server using an Implicit SSL connection. Previously, there could be problems when trying to connect to Gmail and other SMTP servers.
  • Improvement: For the transaction log backup file, the file extensions have been changed from 'bak' to 'trn' that is standard for MS SQL.
  • Improvement: The algorithm that blocks sending of a large number of error notifications has been improved. The text of email notifications is improved.
  • Improvement: Now QMB does not offer to create a backup, if the user creates an empty Maintenance Policy.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug that appeared when creating a full backup, after adding a new database to the Maintenance Policy.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug that could appear when executing the task of "Restore according to XML plan" started on schedule.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug that caused premature running of the QMB Job during its configuration.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug that resulted in the inability to connect to the chat server support. Automatic restoration of connection to the server is realized.
  • Fix: Other minor bug fixes.

v1.9.14.1 (20 Deсember 2016)

  • Fix: Qmb Job property "Notify to addresses on error" was always disabled.

v1.9.14.0 (9 November 2016)

  • Fix: Fixed a bug that did not allow the program to work with SQL Server instances which has a case-sensitive collation.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug that led to a situation where manually database restoration finished with the following error: This task can be executed only by an owner of a corresponding commercial QMB license.
  • Improvement: Improved responsiveness of the user interface.
  • Fix: Fixed other minor bugs.

v1.9.11.0 (18 August 2016)

  • Feature: Standalone QMB Jobs. Now the program allows you to create and schedule the execution of Standalone QMB Jobs without having to first create a maintenance policy. This feature will be useful if you want to schedule the simple execution of custom scripts that do not require the configuration of any maintenance policy settings.
    Other changes to the program relating to Standalone QMB Jobs:
    • In tasks you will now find the following checkbox: "This task may be used in Standalone QMB Jobs". This type of task cannot use placeholders in order to transfer various maintenance policy settings into the QMB Job.
    • Maintenance of SQL Server system databases has been transferred to the level of Standalone QMB Jobs. Now backups of system databases are created every night at 01:00 in the default folder specified in the SQL Server settings. The program will create and overwrite the master.bak, msdb.bak, and model.bak files each time. Existing maintenance policies are automatically updated when updating the program.
  • Feature: Added a new type of task – Execute QMB Jobs. Now you can configure a single QMB Job to launch another QMB Job at the same time, including on another SQL Server. This feature will prove useful if you need to optimize the Maintenance window. For example, immediately after the backups are created, you can run another QMB Job that will copy the files to a network drive. At the same time the first QMB Job will continue to run.
  • Improvement: Now, if the flag "Create XML Restore Plan" is checked in the maintenance policy, the XML plan will be created as a separate virtual task that will be automatically added when the QMB Job is executed. Previously the XML plan was created as part of the backup tasks themselves.
  • Improvement: The retention period during which SQL Server will keep the history of the created backups is now indicated in the general program settings (by default 6 months). The system task that was previously used for purging the history has been removed from the program.
  • Improvement: A button has been added to the task form that allows you to insert placeholders in script texts.
  • Improvement: The ability to automatically purge accumulated statistics on database size has been added. The retention period is defined in the program settings. Now you can display a graph of how the database size has changed over the past year.
  • Improvement: Now the database icon in the server and policy list changes depending on the current status of the database: restoring, suspect, offline, or emergency.
  • Improvement: The speed of the client has been increased. The service and the client have been optimized.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug that makes it impossible to activate the QMB license offline.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug that led to a situation where in some cases the program obtained a zero database size. As a result the graph showing changes in database size was generated incorrectly, and the average data growth rate was calculated incorrectly.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug that led to a situation where in some cases setup quit with the error "Unable to retrieve user data. Installation will be aborted."
  • Fix: Fixed other minor bugs.

v1.8.5.3 (27 April 2016)

  • Fix: Minor bug fixes

v1.8.5.0 (11 April 2016)

  • Feature: A chat with real time support has been added. Now you can get support directly from QMB.
  • Feature: Connection manager for controlling connections has been added to the application settings.
  • Fix: The bug which led to generating a wrong path to XML restoration plan, when the maintenance policy backup folder was specified just as a disk.
  • Fix: The bug which caused to require a commercial QMB license, when manually restoring data bases (according to XML restoration plan).
  • Fix: The bug which caused the program to crash, when changing the filter value for the service log in the database form.
  • Improvement: Now the symbol '\' is replaced by the symbol '$' for the placeholder %instance%, like in Ola Hallengren procedures. In previous versions of QMB, the symbol '\' was replaced by the symbol '_'.
  • Improvement: Support for "SMTP without authentication" has been added to SMTP account settings.
  • Improvement: Optimization of the client application (UI) has been made, some other bugs have been corrected.

v1.7.7.0 (03 March 2016)

  • Fix: The bug which caused to always show QMB Job as successfully completed even if some of its tasks failed.
  • Fix: The bug which prevented the database icons from showing in the left tree view after the Maintenance Policy was edited.
  • Improvement: The backups created with the Copy_Only parameter are now not included in the XML Restoration Plan.

v1.7.6.0 (18 February 2016)

  • Fix: System erorr occurred on the "Restore database from backup" form when the "Restore" button pressed.
  • Fix: In some cases wrong error message shown on the "Choose database" form.

v1.7.5.0 (15 February 2016)

  • Feature: A new command «Restore according to an XML Plan» has been added to the server's context menu. Now, to restore a database according to an XML plan, it is not necessary to include the Task in the QMB Job.
  • Fix: The following errors in the backup copying procedure have been fixed:
    • old backups in the shared folder could not be deleted
    • if the disk or the network share did not have enough disk space, the copying procedure could not be completed
  • Improvement: Other improvements have been made and other minor bugs have been fixed.

v1.6.8.1 (21 January 2016)

  • Feature: A mechanism was added for restoring XML plans. Now the program allows you to restore databases from backups located on a remote SQL Server. And also, in case of a system failure, you will not have to waste valuable time creating T-SQL scripts to restore databases!
  • Feature: Maintenance Policy now has the option "Create subfolders" which activates when backups are being created.
  • Feature: Now when you click on a link in the text message log, the corresponding folder will open in Windows Explorer.
  • Improvement: The backup copying procedure has been optimized.
  • Fix: The %timestamp% and %timestamp2% placeholders that are used to name backup files have been corrected to reflect the 24-hour time format.
  • Bux fix: A bug has been corrected in the template policy schedule. This bug prevented scheduled scripts that were created from a template from consistently launching correctly. In order to fix the scheduling function of scripts that you created previously, you need to open the schedule form and click "Apply".
  • Improvement: Other minor errors and omissions have been corrected.

v1.5.2.0 (29 October 2015)

  • Feature: The assistant for creating a maintenance policy has been reworked:
    • Running recommended procedures (setting a recovery model, creating a backup, setting up the saved procedures of Ola Hallengren) have been moved to a separate wizard. Now the procedures are executed only when they are required. For example, after adding a new database policy, if the database has a different recovery model or a full backup needs to be created.
    • In the wizard for running recommended procedures, for a database, a check of the Auto Close property has been added. If a property is set, then it is reset in accordance with recommended SQL best practices. Over time, optimizations are planned for other database properties too.
  • Feature: In the program's settings, a feature has been added to refresh the QMB licenses on all SQL Servers.
  • Fix: A bug has been resolved with the program freezing up during registration of an SQL Server installed on Windows Server 2003 R2 (64).
  • Improvement: A column has been added in the general maintenance log for the name of the maintenance policy.
  • Improvement: Other improvements have been made.

v1.4.2.0 (13 August 2015)

  • Feature: Added support for Powershell scripts to the task.
  • Feature: Added the ability to execute non T-SQL script for every database in the Maintenance Policy. The ?DataBaseName? marker replaced with the name of the database.
  • Fix: Fixed the crash occurring when adding a new QMB Job to the Maintenance Policy.
  • Fix: Fixed the crash occurring when downloading the new QMB version from the server.
  • Fix: In some cases, the database size chart did not show correctly because the QMB-License was not found.

v1.3.3.0 (29 July 2015)

  • Feature: Added to a policy’s context menu the ability to execute a single task (not within a QMB Job) for more than one database . Now in just two clicks, you can execute a task/script for several databases at the same time. Also implemented is the execution of individual server tasks in T-SQL (tasks that don’t require transfer to a script in a database’s name).
  • Feature: Added the ability to forward messages to a different email address for QMB Jobs finished with errors.
  • Improvement: Updated Ola Hallengren's scripts (dated 19.07.2015).
  • Changes: Support is implemented for new license policy. The new version now has cheaper licenses for SQL Server Express Edition.
  • Fix: In some cases when installing the program, privileges were not correctly granted for starting QmbService. This caused the program’s launch to end in an error.
  • Fix: If port 8000 was busy, then the service didn't start after installation.

v1.2.16.0 (2 July 2015)

  • Feature: A feature was added to copy backup files to a network disk or locally. Copying can be configured for all databases or certain ones in a policy. You can also set the time period for keeping backups, for a directory to which copies will be made.
  • Feature: A new type of task has been added that enables you to run batch scripts — Bat, Cmd, VBScript, JavaScript, and others — with the ability to output messages to the maintenance log.
  • Improvement: Optimized memory consumption when running a client GUI.
  • Improvement: Output of maintenance logs has been optimized.
  • Improvement: Removal of QMB Jobs, servers, and maintenance policies has been optimized.
  • Improvement: Other improvements and optimizations were made.
  • Fix: The GUI crash error is corrected, for an OS that is set with a large font.
  • Fix: Bugs are fixed for filter setup in maintenance logs.
  • Fix: Bugs were fixed in the installer.

v1.1.3.0 (20 April 2015)

  • Feature: Restoration from backups. Support for databases containing several files with data and/or log. Works for both modes: manual and automatic.
  • Feature: The form with database information now contains a chart which shows how the database size has changed with time.
  • Improvement: Forms with Database and Maintenance Policy information have been improved.
  • Improvement: Significant performance optimization has been made on the wizard page with the list of server's databases.
  • Improvement: Restoration from backup" command has been added to the context menu of the server and Maintenance Policy.
  • Improvement: A new command "Exclude from policy" has been added to the context menu of the Database.
  • Fix: The bug which caused wrong text colorization in the service log has been fixed.

v1.0.3.0 (26 March 2015)

  • Change: Optimization was made in QMB Job execution result form.
  • Fix: 'One time' schedule works correctly.
  • Setup feature: Setup program can now automatically install .NET 4 Full.

v1.0.0.0 (19 March 2015)

The first prototype of QMB was based on the 1С:Enterprise platform and received good reviews from users. We have invested a lot of effort into the program and hope that you will find it convenient and useful.