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Features and pricing

For SQL Express, activation of the QMB license is not required. After expiration of the trial period, the program will continue to operate, but with limited features. See the table:

  Free for
SQL Express
Basic for
SQL Express
Extended for
SQL Express
number of maintained databases/policies on one SQL Server 5 database/1 policy unlimited unlimited unlimited
SQL Server Editions Express Express Express All
SQL Server maintenance:
  • backups, integrity check, index and statistics maintenance, etc
  • creation of maintenance policies (from a template or manually)
  • execution of QMB Jobs: scheduled and manual
  • creation of custom tasks in Transaсt SQL languages
  • maintenance of several SQL Servers from a single program
scheduling custom T-SQL scripts in Standalone QMB Jobs
email notifications of execution or errors in QMB Jobs
use of built-in SMTP user account for sending notifications
sending success and error notifications to different addresses  
monitoring of free disk space on the server and sending of notifications  
backup copying on a networked folder  
automatic testing of the chain of backups through recovery    
automated restoration of databases from backups to a local or remote SQL Server    
keeping database copies updated    
executing tasks (outside of QMB Jobs) for one or several databases    
creating an XML restoration plan and restoring databases according to an XML plan    
executing tasks in Powershell, CMD, VBS, JavaScript, and other languages      
gathering statistics on database growth, and graphical output      
the ability to use tasks in QMB Jobs that launch other QMB Jobs      
renewal of QMB support and updates for one year 0$ 26$ 51$ 102$
  Free 86$
for each SQL ServerBuy
for each SQL ServerBuy
for each SQL ServerBuy