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Quick Maintenance & Backup for MS SQL Privacy Policy

Last revised: 05-Feb-2015

SoftLab strives to maintain the confidentiality of your personal data and to protect your personal information. This Privacy Statement applies to the software product Quick Maintenance and Backup for MS SQL (hereafter "the Program" or "QMB") and the website (hereafter "the Website").

Using the Website or the Program, the User agrees that the specified data may be used under the conditions set forth in this Privacy Policy.

A User who does not agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy must stop using the Website and the Program.

1. What Data Is Collected

When voluntarily registering on the Website or when purchasing the Program, you send us your first name, surname, email address, country, and city through the registration form. We do not receive and do not store information that you enter on the pages of the payment system when paying for your order.

The Program's Website may use cookie files for saving information about the location from which you visit the Website, for the purpose of recognizing the country/language. A cookie file is a small amount of data sent by the Website and stored on your computer.

When you make use of the Program, the following information may be sent to SoftLab:

  • the OS version, the Net Framework version, and the unique identifier of the computer where the Program is installed
  • the version and edition of the SQL servers registered in the Program, and their unique identifiers
  • the type of QMB license

Information collected by the Program is depersonalized and is in no way connected with the User's personal account data stored on our Website.

In the process of its operation, the Program may request information from the Website and send messages to the email address specified in the Program's settings. For example, about the release of new versions (the option can be disabled in the Program's settings), or about other important changes, such as in the License Agreement or this Privacy Statement.

2. The Purpose for Which Data is Collected

SoftLab uses the information described in Section 1 for the following purposes:

  • to identify Users and interactions with them
  • to process orders and to deliver purchased activation keys
  • to improve a feature of the Program and support
  • to improve the Program's Licensing Policy
  • to conduct statistical research
  • to identify violations of the Program's License Agreement

3. Disclosure

Your information will not be communicated or sold to third parties. However, we can partially disclose personal information if required by law or litigation.

4. Policy Change

SoftLab may periodically update this Privacy Policy. If significant changes are made to this Privacy Policy, then the Program will send a notification to the email address entered in the settings.

5. Contact Information

If you have any questions about the privacy policy, write to (in English & Russian).