Quick Maintenance & Backup for MS SQL
Server and policy menu

The Servers and policies section allows you to register servers, configure maintenance policies and view general information.

The left side of the form has a tree containing registered servers, maintenance policies and databases.

When you select a server, policy or database in the list, a page with corresponding information is displayed in the right part of the window: SQL server page,  Maintenance policy page or Database page.

Command panel buttons:

Register the SQL server in QMB
Edit SQL server connection parameters and description, configure free disk space monitoring
Unregister the SQL server from QMB
Add a maintenance policy to the selected QMB server
Edit maintenance policy properties (database list, backup parameters and policy name)
Edit the list of databases in the maintenance policy
Delete the maintenance policy
Update the list

Most of the commands from the top panel are also found in the context menu of the list (opened by right-clicking on a list item). It also has the following commands:

For an SQL server

Check connection Attempts to connect to all SQL Servers registered in the program
Install the Ola Hallengren solution Installs Ola Hallengren stored procedures. The program comes with a version of the script dated 25.01.2015. This command is not available for SQL Server 2000.

For a maintenance policy

 Copy to another server Copies the selected maintenance policy to another SQL Server
Execute a task This command allows you to execute a standalone task for one or several databases.

For a database

 Create backup Opens a form for manual creation of a full backup for the selected database
 Restore from backup Opens the manual database restoration form
Execute a task The command executes a task for the selected database. The submenu is populated with database-related tasks (the tasks has the Execute for Maintenance Policy databases option enabled )
 Exclude from policy Command execution excludes database from Maintenance Policy


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