Quick Maintenance & Backup for MS SQL

QMB comes with 30 preinstalled tasks. 10 of them are intended for working with popular Ola Hallengren stored procedures. Depending on the type of task, it will allow you to:

A task can be executed as part of a QMB Job or using the Execute task command from the context menu of the server list.

Task form with a T-SQL script

Task form with a T-SQL script


The program does not allow you to edit the scripts of predefined tasks, but you can always duplicate a task and edit it.

Name – task name

Type – task type. The following values are available:

The form changes depending on the task type selected. More information about each task type is provided below.

Folder – a list folder where the task will be saved. Folders are used for grouping tasks in the list. If you want it to be saved to the root, use an empty value.

Notes – an optional note for the task.

Type: T-SQL

Type: Create Backup

Type: Restore to the Source Server

Type: Non T-SQL Script

Type: Create an XML Restoration Plan

Type: Restore according to an XML Plan

Type: Copying Backups

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