Quick Maintenance & Backup for MS SQL
XML Restoration Plan

XML restoration plan - an XML file that lists the names of backup files in the sequence necessary to restore one or more databases. The XML plan does not contain T-SQL scripts. The program generates a T-SQL script according to an XML plan immediately at the time of restoration. Having an XML restore plan will:

With QMB, you can create an XML plan and restore databases even if the backups are created by a  SQL Server Agent regular agent. In this case, utilize the relevant task to create an XML plan. See Create an XML Restoration Plan.

Create an XML Restoration Plan

The program allows you to create an XML plan in one of two ways:

For the first and second method the XML plan will contain the sequence of backups that are needed to restore the database to its latest available state. The sequence of backups is determined by the information stored in the mdsb system database. QMB uses this information to determine the restoration sequence in the same way as SQL Server Management Studio.

Checking for the Existence of Backup Files and Copying

When creating an XML restoration plan, QMB checks for the existence of backup files. The software searches for files in subfolders and the root directory where the XML file will be created. The task specifies an option to copy the missing files from the source server folder before creating an XML plan. If QMB has been configured to copy backups, for example, to a network folder, then the XML files for the restoration plans will be copied automatically.

Restore according to an XML Plan

Restore according to an XML plan can be executed on a local or any other SQL Server running the same or higher version of SQL.  In order to restore databases according to an XML plan, you must create a Restore according to an XML Plan task type.  The task allows you to:


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