Quick Maintenance & Backup for MS SQL
QMB architecture

QMB includes three components:

When you install QMB, all three components of the program are installed.

Purpose of the Service

The program carries out all its interaction with SQL servers through the service. The service launches QMB jobs according to a schedule, keeps a maintenance log, monitors free space on disks, saves information in a file database, and so on. The service executes each plan in a separate thread. So any number of QMB jobs may be executed at a given time.

QMB Data Storage

QMB does not store its data on SQL servers. All data is stored in a file database, which is installed together with the service. All information needed for QMB's operation is stored in the database. For security reasons, part of the information is stored in an encrypted form.

QMB does not store any additional information, the lack of which would impede the restoration of backups created by the program. All backups, at any moment, may be restored with the SQL server's standard resources or from the QMB client itself. Selection of backups is based on information that the SQL server saves in an msdb system database.

Server Components

During SQL server registration, the library xp_QmbFunc.dll with its accompanying files is automatically installed on it within the program. The library contains several stored procedures required for QMB's proper operation.

Install QMB: You can install QMB on one of the SQL servers or on any other computer on the local network. The most important thing is that the machine is in 24-hour operation and has access to maintained SQL servers. To be able to send email notifications to the administrator, the computer on which you installed QMB needs to have access to the Internet.
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