Quick Maintenance & Backup for MS SQL
Maintenance Policy, Scripts, and Tasks

Maintenance policy

For maintaining an SQL server database, a maintenance policy is created in QMB. The policy contains a list of databases, and specifies the recovery model, QMB jobs, and parameters for backups. One or several maintenance policies can be created for one SQL server. 

Maintenance Policy, Scripts, and Tasks

Maintenance Policy, Scripts, and Tasks

The program comes with predefined maintenance policy templates suitable for most database types. If necessary, the user can edit a template-based maintenance policy. QMB also supports copying of maintenance policies.

Maintenance policies should include databases with similar characteristics: frequency and intensity of data input/modification, size, available database maintenance window. For example, if data are loaded into a database once a week, it shouldn’t be included in the same policy with databases with frequently backed up transaction logs and daily updated indexes, which is a sign of day-to-day intensive data input. Otherwise, it will result in excessive load on the SQL server and a large number of unnecessary backups, which, in turn, will increase the backup restoration time in case of database corruption.


QMB Jobs

The QMB Jobs for a policy launch according to schedule, or manually. A QMB Job includes one or several tasks. Tasks execute consecutively for each database included in the maintenance policy.


QMB has 28 built-in tasks. Of these, ten tasks are for working with the popular saved procedures of Ola Hallengren. Most of the tasks are T-SQL scripts, such as: creating backups, defragmenting indexes, checking database integrity, recovery, and others. Users can add their own tasks, or copy and modify existing ones.

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