Quick Maintenance & Backup for MS SQL
Manual backup restore

To manually restore a database from a backup, right-click on the database on the list of servers and policies. Then select Restore backup or run the same command from the database page. A new window will open, allowing you to set the following parameters:

Backup source

Database – select this option if the source of backups is a database located on the same SQL server. Information about backups is read from the msdb system database.

File – select this option if you want to restore from an existing full backup file. When this option is selected, a file selection dialog is shown. If the file contains more than one backup, the program will let you select the necessary one.

The program does not support manual restoration from several files. If you need to perform such a restoration, you should use SQL Server Managment Studio.


Database – select an existing database from a list. The backup will be restored to this database. You can also enter the name of a new database that will be created in the process.

Restore to

Latest backup – tells  the program to restore the database(s) to the latest possible state. This option can be used if the source of backups is a Database.  If you use a File with a full backup as a source, your data will always be restored to the backup creation date.

Specific time period - a moment in time to which the data should be restored. This option is only supported when a Full recovery model is used and the source of backups is a Database.

Check the database after restoration – the option tells the program to run an integrity check after restoring a database.

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