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Configuring email notifications

QMB can send notifications on the following occasions:

By default, all email messages are sent to the address specified in the program settings. However, each QMB Job can have alternative addresses that will be used for sending notifications about execution errors.
In order to send email notifications, the program must be installed on a computer with Internet access.

The notifications configuration window is opened after the first start of the program or through the Program settings form.

Email notification settings form

Email notification settings form

To enable notifications, you need to check the Enable email notifications option on the form and enter the notifications recipient address.

You can enter several addresses separated by ";". Example: mike@gmail.com; jon@admin.com

In order to send notifications, you can use a Predefined account or Configure your own SMTP account (recommended)Configuration of the SMTP account is performed on the next step.

It is recommended to use the predefined account for familiarizing yourself with the program. We cannot guarantee 100% successful delivery of notifications.
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