Quick Maintenance & Backup for MS SQL
Policy for large OLTP databases with intensive data input (based on Ola Hallengren script)

A maintenance policy template for large databases with intensive data input throughout the day.

Template QMB Jobs use tasks that invoke Ola Hallengren stored procedures (read more at https://ola.hallengren.com/). Stored procedures are installed by the wizard prior to the creation of a maintenance policy on the service procedures execution stage. Stored procedures can also be reinstalled by running the Install the Ola Hallengren solution from the context menu of the list of servers and policies.
Ola Hallengren stored procedures work with any SQL server version starting from 2005. This version of the program contains stored procedures from 25.01.2015.

Recovery model: Full

The policy includes three QMB Jobs:

1. CPU-intensive tasks (once a week) for large OLTP databases

2. CPU-intensive tasks (every night) for large OLTP databases

3. Log backup and modified statistics updates (during the workday)

The user can change any parameters of a maintenance policy, add new QMB Jobs and tasks. 


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