Quick Maintenance & Backup for MS SQL
Monitoring of free disk space on SQL server drives

The program allows you to monitor the free disk space on an SQL server. This will help avoid problems that occur when an SQL server runs out of space, such as not responding to requests and failure to create new backups.

This step of the wizard allows you to set free disk space threshold for each HDD on the SQL server. When the free disk space drops below this threshold, the program will send a corresponding email notification.

In order for this feature to work, email notifications must be enabled in the program..

To enable email notifications sent when the free disk space drops beyond a user-defined threshold, enable the Notify when the threshold is reached option and set the necessary percent value. When the free disk space on the SQL server drops below the threshold, an email sent to the email address specified in the settings.

The threshold value is determined experimentally. For a disk used for database backups, the threshold value can be set to be equal or greater to the combined size of all databases stored with a storage depth defined in the storage policy plus 20% on top.

The program checks free disk space on schedule (once every 10 minutes by default). If necessary, the schedule can be edited on the General tab in program settings.
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