Quick Maintenance & Backup for MS SQL
Settings for Copying Backup Files

On the form, you configure the copying of backup files for the database maintenance policy. The form opens at the wizard step Backup Creation Settings, when enabling the setting Copy new or modified backup files.

The radio-button selector Copy backups determines the databases for which backups should be copied. The two available options are: all of the policy's databases and selected databases.

Destination - the resource to which files will be copied. From the list, select one of the resources or select Create a new connection, which opens a form to configure the connection. Click  if you need to edit the settings of the resource selected for the setting.

Delete after a storage period of - the period of time for copied backup files on the selected resource. After this time period, the copies will be deleted.

Attention! After the time period specified under Designation, all the expired files in the resource with the extensions bak and trn will be deleted, and not only the database backups included in the policy.


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