Quick Maintenance & Backup for MS SQL
Activating a QMB license

To activate a commercial QMB license on an SQL server, do the following:

  1. Start the program and select the SQL server that you want to activate a QMB license on.
  2. Click the Activate link located to the right of the Qmb license field (in the right part of the window on the SQL server page)
    The Activate link on the SQL server page

    The Activate link on the SQL server page

    The Activate link becomes visible if there is no QMB license installed on the server.
  3. The Activation wizard will open. Click Next on the first step.
  4. Enter the 34-digit activation key you received after the purchase into the Activation key field

  5. Click Next. The program will attempt to activate the license online. Online activation requires that the computer with the SQL server installed be connected to the Internet. 

    If you click the Next button and see an Activation key is invalid message, make sure that the code is entered correctly. We recommend copying and pasting it from the clipboard.

  6. If activation was a success, you will see the following message: License successfully activated!
  7. If you failed to activate the license online, a special page will open. On this page, you will be able to configure proxy server settings and try to activate the license again or resort to offline activation.
    Online activation failed

    Online activation failed

  8. If the computer is connected to the Internet via a proxy server, select Try to activate online and enable the Use proxy server option. Then enter a proxy server connection string in the http://UserName:Password@host:port format and click Next. If online activation fails, you will see a Detailed error log link. You can see the text and error code by clicking the link.

    A License activation error (Error code: 0x4) code means that the program failed to connect to the activation server.

  9. If you can’t activate the license online, select Manual offline activation and click Next.

Offline activation

A license can be activated on one SQL server at any one time. If you need to transfer a QMB license to another SQL server or reinstall the operating system on the SQL server, you will first need to deactivate the QMB license and then activate it on any other SQL server. The number of activations/deactivations is unlimited.


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